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Our private training programs begin with an in-home consultation, in which our experienced trainers will come to your home to create a personalized plan that will simultaneously correct pet behavior problems and teach obedience. The program will not only improve your pet’s behavior, but it will also create a stronger bond between you and your pup; with increased obedience training comes increased trust and respect, the foundation for any great owner-pet relationship.

Basic Obedience

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Private training begins with learning basic obedience commands: Heel, Sit, Stay, Down and Come. We will teach you both word signals and hand signals for your dog to follow, and we will show you the proper, proven methods to train your dog.


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The best-trained dog is one who can follow the basic commands around distractions — other dogs, cats, children, rabbits, and the like. As soon as your dog has exhibited a strong knowledge of the basic commands within the confines of your own home, we will introduce distractions so your pup learns to follow your commands at all times. We will head to the park, to the coffee shop and to downtown areas to challenge


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The ultimate sign of dog obedience is a dog who will follow your commands when not wearing a leash. By teaching a firm foundation of commands, introducing distractions, and slowly weaning your pup off the leash, we will establish a relationship between you and your dog that will allow you to let them off leash and have confidence that they will follow your commands at all times.


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In addition to teaching basic obedience, we will address any issues specific to your dog. Many issues will disappear on their own as a by-product of establishing a healthy dog-owner relationship, but if there are any lingering behavioral problems, we will develop and implement personalized programs to fix them.